I am an Engineering Information Technologist, Production Consultant, traveller, pianist and Literary Translator with hobbies like arts, Marathon running, and reading.

Since my childhood, organising data and managing information were part of my system approached world, while the other part of my life was reserved for arts, reading and music. Later these two orientations were more emphasised by attending lingual, IT and music courses at one of the highest ranked academic secondary schools and universities of my country.

My professional goal in IT is to bridge the gap between business and Computer Science, while focusing on delivering quality customer-oriented solutions to complex problems, and making the processes of IT projects more efficient and transparent.

On the other hand, I am a Production Consultant and Literary Translator working exclusively with the greatest and most influential Theatrical and Literary Agency of Hungary and cooperating with UK agents and agencies to migrate prosperous West End and Off-West End productions to Hungary.

My thirst for technical knowledge motivates me to acquire the latest, cutting-edge technologies and the required hard and soft skills for my projects, while my commitment and passion for art makes me not only to translate stage plays to Hungarian, but to meet, interview and connect the artists of the UK and Hungary.

Besides work, I travel to explore new places and cultures, take memberships of non-profit organisations like British Mensa, learn new languages or masterpieces on the piano, or continue my training for my second Marathon and first Ironman Triathlon.

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